Reference of Sweden, natural hair care products

REF. is created to be the natural choice in hair care products for the conscious consumers of tomorrow. Reflecting the Swedish standards of purity, integrity and quality, REF. is true to its origin and heritage in its production process and ingredients, as well as the values of the brand.

REF. delivers extraordinary results with greater simplicity along with a unique appealing product design and simple reference system. REF. describes the distinct characteristics of each product with distinct numbers that guide product choice for both the hairdresser and consumer based on their individual needs. Which hold/care? Which shine? Which volume?

Just find your reference. And the numbers will show you with way.

REF. products are Paraben and Sulfate free. REF. Sulfate Free Surfactant Technology uses natural extracts of omega-rich linseed oil and ultra emollient Tamanu oil, selected for its healing and repairing properties. Sourced from the fruit of the Ati tree, Tamanu Oil is grown and processed locally in the exotic islands of the South Pacific with no negative ecological impact.