Pure.Color play with DNA Collective

DNA windowI recently moved back to Melbourne from San Diego (where I spent the last 15 years) before deciding that the coffee was simply better here (that’s the short version of the story). I love the northern suburbs of Melbourne…the wide streets, terrace housing, street art, community gardens, and that general grungy appeal that it exudes.  And then there’s that post-modern “awareness” that northerners are known for. You know, that trees ARE worth hugging, that riding a bike has far more benefits than just better looking calves, and that organic products are worth buying for a multitude of reasons.

Salons offering organic products as an option to clients are definitely hitting the mark when it comes to consumer demand. The Organic Cosmetics and Toiletries Distributors industry has grown strongly over the past five years in Australia, and is predicted to grow 15.1% annually for the five years through 2016-17. ¹  I went to talk to Dawn, hair stylist and owner of DNA Collective in Carlton, about the Pure Elements organic hair range. Dawn from DNADNA Collective has been in Carlton for two years, and Dawn has over 25 years experience as a stylist. With this many years in the biz, Dawn knows exactly what products she likes. It’s pretty clear to me she loves the Pure Elements range, which she has beautifully displayed in her shop window. Pure Elements uses natural plants and flowers extracts and 100% pure essential oils; it’s salon quality and smells amazing… fresh, earthy and natural.

Today Dawn coloured Sally’s hair using the Pure Elements colour range, a product that is free from ammonia and the strong smell of traditional hair colour, which can have a client’s head throbbing in no time at all. Dawn describes the smell as “mossy and earthy.” Her assistant Vanessa tells me that she’s used other organic hair colour that has smelled “fishy.” Um, that’s gross. I stepped out for a while and came back into a salon that didn’t smell like volatilized chemical compounds. Nice!


I asked Dawn, why Pure Elements?  She said, “It fits into my values. The product is ethical. The people that have created the products are conscientious. And people want options, so I need options.” And what about the performance of the product? “Something I love so much…is the shine factor.” Pure Elements hair colour is oil enriched with coconut and olive oils, so gorgeous shine is inevitable. After some Pure Elements Thyme and Clary Salt Water Spray, Sally left the salon looking fabulous and smelling fresh. She also left with her mind and body free from the effects of ammonia    vapours.


Now, since we are on the north side, some of Melbourne’s best coffee vapours are definitely calling my name ;).

Take care…and brush your hair darlings,

Leanne x

Photography by my favourite moment caputurer, Sandy at http://www.sandyrogulic.com


¹ IBISWorld, Organic Cosmetics and Toiletries Distributors in Australia: Market Research Report, www.ibisworld.com.au/industry/organic-cosmetics-and-toiletries.distributors.html, 12 August, 2016.