Introducing KhairPep Transforme™

Luxury Beauty Concepts is excited to introduce this revolutionary new product to Australia and New Zealand. Offering the latest scientific technology in hair repair, KhairPep Transforme™ is a simple and easy to use leave-in treatment that replaces broken disulphide bonds and permanently restores damaged hair.

The only product with patented 18-chain peptide and 23 amino acids; KhairPep Transforme™ is quickly becoming a sensation around the World. Penetrating the cortex, it builds strength, elasticity and condition; providing permanent results that do not wash out.

The peptide was developed by World-leading scientists in Europe who discovered it’s potential for restoring hair while working with ancient tapestries. Now it’s ability to deliver exceptional outcomes that beat any of the competing products of its kind has been independently proven.

The KhairPep Transforme™ advantages are most obvious when compared to its closest competitor. Application of the serum or masque is quick and easy and does not require any increase to processing time or adjustment to colour or bleach formulas. In addition to delivering superior results, KhairPep Transforme™ is also more cost-effective and profitable.

Always on the lookout for unique, high performing products to add to our portfolio, KhairPep Transforme™ was a standout. It has allowed us to introduce an amazing new service to our clients that adds exceptional value and salon revenue generating capabilities.

KhairPep Transforme™ protects and strengthens client’s hair during chemical services or as an in-salon repair treatment. Because results are further enhanced with repeat applications, KhairPep Transforme™ is also intended for retail sale.

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