Khair Pep with the Fur babes

fur-city-frontOn the way to Fur this morning, I learned the salon had made an appearance in the Coolhunter some time ago. With this info in hand, I was pretty impressed before I even stepped foot into the salon, and definitely curious to see for myself just how cool the place really was. Fur has two salon locations, one in Melbourne’s CBD and the other in Fitzroy. I was going to visit both today to learn all the reasons why Fur’s stylists were obsessed with Khairpep.

Fur’s CBD location has so much fun packed into their fabulous space…the salon walls are flanked with parts of a 1970s basketball court, the stylists don fabby white coats covered in different fur prints (hairy man! gorilla!), and a cylindrical disco column glistens to tunes of pure perfection being played at just-the-right volume to get my feet moving. I quickly learn that if you lean on the disco column while wearing high heels, it’s best to have some cool dance moves up your sleeve, to make the otherwise imminent fall look as cool and intentional as possible…the damn cylinder thing actually rotates, like a proper disco ball! I caught myself (barely) and pretended to be dancing. Christ! However, the coolest thing of ALL, was Mykey’s high viz, electric banana hair. Vic Roads could take some lessons from this guy…get rid of those ugly orange vests and start dying employee’s hair in electric banana! Genius! I was going home to draft a letter immediately!

Also in high viz…Mykey’s warm smile and magnetic personality. In his chair today was Sarah, who was having her hair transformed from rainbow, to…well, just pink. The first thing I saw Mykey do was give Sarah’s hair a few spritzes of Khairpep. For anyone that knows anything about bleaching and colouring hair, you know that these chemical processes break down and strip proteins in the hair shaft. Over time, and with repeated bleaching and colouring, hair becomes weak and breaks. So how can we protect and restore hair in the process of abusing the shit out of it? Enter, Khairpep! The 18-chain peptide found in khairpep was developed and patented by mad scientist Dr Artur Cavaco-Paulo who developed the peptide used to restore wool fibres used in tapestries. Yep, you read it right, tapestries…the ones that are really old and hang in museums. So why not try this science on human hair? Well, he did and…voila! It worked!mykey-w-khairpep

The science behind Khairpep, albeit cutting edge and genius, is pretty simple to understand. When Khairpep is applied to hair, the 18-chain peptide infuses into the hair shaft and then actually stays there, even after washing. This mega long peptide comprised of 23 amino acids can strengthen hair up to 85% and increase elasticity up to 120% with only a few treatments. Not only can Khairpep be used after chemical treatments to restore hair strength and integrity, it can also be used beforehand to protect hair without hindering the actual chemical process itself. And unlike other leading plexes, there’s no waiting around for it to do its job, nor does it extend the treatment time of the colouring process. You simply apply the product and move on with getting hair looking salon fabulous. Mykey said, “I always use Khairpep before bleaching because it makes bleaching hair possible without hair looking fried. In fact, the hair actually feels better than it did before bleachIng. Khairpep is responsible for that.”

Camille and Jasper, both stylists at Fur’s Fitzroy location use Khairpep mask after chemically treating hair. Camille said, “It’s so lovely and rich and you only need a small amount. It’s so convenient because you can leave it in.” Jasper said, “I love it so much because when the client sees that I’m not using any other product during the styling process, and that their hair looks and feels as good as it does, they realise that having great hair is easy with Khairpep.” Kristy, stylist at Fur’s CBD location says. “If I could, I would eat Khairpep because it would soothe my soul.” Oh god, somebody please pour that girl a scotch! fur-back-fitzroy

Take care, and brush your hair darlings,
Leanne x

Ps. Shout out to Mykey, who does the most amazing colour work and shares his gift to raise money for Make-A-Wish Australia. You’re an angel Mykey! Check out his incredible work on Insta @rainbowroadtrip and @mykeyohalloran

Pps. Photography by my favourite moment-capturer Sandy
Insta @sandalah_thephotolady and