pool hair

My two children convinced me to take them to the public pool the other day. Given that it was a random 38-degree day in Melbourne, I obliged, knowing that tomorrow would be 12-degrees and storming, just like it had been the day before. Because, Melbourne.

I could have easily brought a book and sat in the stands like a normal human mother. I could have looked up from my book, every now and then, to cheer my daughter’s stunt moves off the inflatable pool toy. But instead I did the unthinkable and joined my two kids in a public pool full of urinating children. I poured my white body into a pair of bathers…and then, with the encouragement of my son, I put on his goggles. Because, “fun.”

Oh goggles. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, needs to see that well under water in ANY public pool. There’s no stunning coral or beautiful reef fish. Let’s face it – public pools are mostly made up of body fluids. And don’t even try to explain pool nappies to me…my god, as if they can contain diarrhea! Puh-leaze. It’s always a bit hazy around that group of mothers swimming with their toddlers in playgroup. I kept telling myself that my Hep shots were current, that chlorine was my friend, and that I was having a “great day.” But it was the world’s longest strand of saliva swimming by my arm that had me arching my back out of the water like a humpback whale. I left my kids to sieve stray pubes through their own damn teeth. I needed to get back to my self-help book immediately.

And now I had shitty pool hair.

I decided that as soon as I got home I was going into full spa mode. I needed to scrub, exfoliate and sterilize my skin. And then I needed to do something about my hair. And I really needed to calm down.

Here are a few of my favourite hair products, to help me get through the summer, rectify shitty pool hair, and calm my senses:

REF Repair shampoo and conditioner, with its extracts of neem, lignonberry seed, walnut, as well as tamanu and argan oil, means my hair is getting all the good stuff to help repair the damage from sun, chlorine and heat. Tamanu oil is calming for the scalp, like Xanax in a bottle.

250ml-lavenderPure Elements Lavendar Mask is my favourite hair product, and I make sure I’m always stocked. Pure essential oils of Lavendar and Patchouli balance hair and calm scalp.Hydrolysed keratin, wheat protein, lanolin and panthenol strengthen, smooth and increase shine. When I finally stop sniffing the bottle, I get this incredible stuff on my hair and let it sit for five minutes to do its magic. My hair feels great and smells so delicious! Hallelujah!

When it’s bloody hot, I don’t blow-dry my hair for anybody. REF’s fiber mousse gives my hair the fullness and texture that I’m looking for. I smell and look good enough to venture out again. Except I won’t because I’ve just opened a bottle of wine and I’m not going anywhere.

If you want to skip summer pool activity and want that just-been-to-the-beach look instead, REF’s Ocean Mist 303 150ml-oceanmistis a medium hold saltwater spray that you can use to achieve that salty, wavy, summer-kissed look. Or try Pure Elements Thyme and Clary Salt Water spray with 100% pure essential oils of thyme, clary and geranium. It also contains Aloe Vera to calm and moisturize hair. Next time I’m definitely spraying this stuff in and sitting in the pool stands with a trashy novel.

Take care and brush your hair darlings,