pure.color, organic ammonia free permanent hair colour

pure.color is an organic ammonia & PPD free permanent hair colour crème. This professional hair colouring system delivers predictable and true colour results, including exceptional grey coverage, superior conditioning and shine.

With a conditioning base of essential oils and pure plant and flower extracts, pure.color does not contain Ammonia and PPD (Paraphenenylenediamine). The true hair colour results of pure.color are enhanced by the unique protective properties of its Biosaccharide gum base and Trimethylsilylamodimethicone, a combination which delivers superior conditioning and shine, and protective anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that soothe and moisturise the scalp during hair colouring, enhancing client comfort. The antioxidant properties of essential oils and pure plant and flower extracts also improve colour stability and the long-term condition of the hair including manageability, shine and condition.

Available in 42 true shades, including Naturals for up to 100% grey/white hair coverage, Bright Naturals for intense color results on pigmented hair, Cools that perfectly neutralise warmth from pigmented hair, and Brights for stunning intense color effects on pigmented hair.


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