REF. Color

REF. Hair Colouring System

From the time of ancient Egypt until today, women have sought ways to enhance their natural beauty. Colour cosmetics have evolved from Henna, herbs and spices to the combination of nature and 21st Century science to develop hair colour that performs to the highest standards and expectations of today’s modern women.

REF. Color is a professional hair colour system that delivers outstanding results and conditioning, including exceptional grey coverage, true reflect and tone, vibrant shine and long lasting results.

REF. uses a limited amount of chemicals in the production of its hair colour range, maximising natural ingredients that enhance hair condition, shine and colour durability. A gel cream consistency means that colouring and conditioning ingredients are more effectively released into the hair. Low ammonia concentration ensures reliable, lasting results while maintaining hair quality and condition.

Gel Cream Formula: A soft fluid cream that is easier to apply and delivers better hair colour results and conditioning
Aloe Vera: long known for its healing and moisturising properties, Aloe also brings antibacterial and soothing ingredients to the scalp during the process
Low Ammonia: less than 2% average Ammonia content means brilliant shine, maximum softness and long lasting results
Anti Aging: contains Thermus thermophilus, an effective, heat activated antioxidant that protects the hair and scalp from both UV-A and UV-B rays.
Guar Gum and Wax: moisturise and condition, leaving the hair shiny and lustrous


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